Welcome to YurthWorks


I have always been an outdoors kind of guy.
Whether it was Fly Fishing, Hunting, Ski/Snowboarding, etc.....
I have always been happiest on the side of a mountain somewhere.
My wife and I used to train dogs to take with us to the great outdoors.

Now that we have a special needs child, we train Service Dogs for a different kinds of Adventures.

Here you will find some of our interests and creations along those lines:




Training Leaders

In the process of training service dogs we have tried pretty much every leader out there.
None of them really did exactly what we wanted, so we made our own.

Here is how it works:

We make some of these out of round rope and chord.
These are easier to use especially on smaller dogs.

Others we make out of flat webbing and leather.  These are more comfortable for the dog especially if they are a heavier breed.

Here are some of the many different versions of our training lead that can make for you:

We also make some things out of Paracord including:

Dog Collars
Training Tabs
Leads &

to name a few.  Here are some examples. 

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