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I love to fish and spend time on the water.
I am lucky enough to live in a place right next to the Yakima River in Washington State,
and my land lord has A LOT of land, and several boats.
He said to me one day, "Somewhere down there by swap, there is an old row boat hidden somewhere down there in the reeds...."
"If you can find it, you can HAVE it, but it WILL take some work...."

So, I went down there in my waders, and scouted around, and eventually found this old 1957 aluminum hull 12" row boat.
I trudged it up to the house, and decided to take it on as a "Project".

It took A LOT of work, but I eventually did a complete strip down to  metal, and the rebuild to better than new state.

Below you will find pics, and links to the videos I made of my journey.
My son and I now have a great time fishing on the river in our NEW boat    :-)

12' Aluminum JON Boat - Complete Rebuild Project
So from tearing out all of the old rotted wood and polishing the hull, to rebuilding and seal/painting everything back to new condition, and steam bending the Mohoganey hand rails, this was quite a project.  It took some time and TLC, but we think it really turned out great.

Below I will post some PICS and some links to the YouTube videos I made of the project as it went along. PHOTOS BEFORE

New Wood - Floors, Benches, & Transom

New Paint


Steam Bending


New 2016 "Wetlander" Bottom Seal

New Trailer and Electronics

YouTube - Video Clips

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